No two creatures are created equal. We are, each one of us, as different as two sunsets, as unique us our fingerprints. So it is with the female sex flower. It is as diverse as our very existence. It is life's most vital organ.

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The German philosopher Martin Heidegger tells us that when an object or desire passes from concealment to revelation, truth appears.

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The Y Project, we have taken Heidegger's musings, drawn back the multiple layers of suppression and inhibition and shown that, in the candid eye of the microscope, humanity's point of entry possesses an individuality that is surely truth itself.

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The flesh of this rare object of desire is delicate but firm, as soft as a peach, as complex as an onion. It is as aromatic and distinctive as the spices in a bazaar. It is shaped as if by the hand of an artist so driven to seek the illusive golden mean, he is never satisfied with what he has created and each day must begin again.

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As these images demonstrate, the sex flower comes in all shapes and sizes, each as unique as it is beautiful, each a fragment of true perfection.

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The photographs from Petter Hegre's Y Project Collection have until now only been seen at exhibits at the Stavanger Museum of Art in Norway, and the Galeria Antonio de Bernola in Barcelona.